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D x V x F > R = Big Problem

Was speaking to Paddy about the MSc a while ago and he mentioned this – the Gleicher Formula – which can be applied to assess what you need to do in order to make change happen.  It was borne out of Organisational Change, but I guess can be used to think about sustainability.  However, it doesn’t look great.

This is because:

D – there is no ground swell of dissatisfaction with the current situation.  Was reading something the other day that only 15% of people (in the UK) were Activists (or similar) when it comes to sustainability.  On the whole, people seem pretty happy going shopping on the weekend and having a car etc.

V- there is no awareness of a clear ‘better’ alternative.  This is a recurring theme – the negative framing of Climate Change, rather than a positive alternative.

F – in the absence of a clear ‘better’ Vision to aim for, there are at least lots of first steps you can take.  Recycle, eat less meat, the usual suspects.  However, these are currently framed within averting a negative, rather than helping to build towards a positive, so I’m not sure how much they count.

R – lot’s of that too.  Simply because people, on the whole, don’t like change.

Throughout this blog, I’m trying to pick out ways in fill in the formula, like the 4-day week could go in the ‘V’, but what’s interesting is that it shows that there are 4 parts to the equation that you have to take into consideration, in unison, in order to succeed.  This obviously increases the degree of difficulty, but it’s a good formula to have in mind as I continue my travel through the course.

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