Good news – Your life can be perfect

Okay, so the ad says that Life can be Perfect if you buy Bollinger.  This is clear.

But the ad is also saying Life can’t be Perfect if you don’t buy Bollinger.  So, in seeing this ad, at some level, it is telling you that your life, no matter how well it’s going now and how well it might go in the future can never be perfect.  Not unless you buy and drink a £50 bottle of champagne.  Sorry about that.

Not only this, the word ‘can’ says that it still might not happen even if you do.   That drinking Bolly might lead to perfection, but maybe it won’t.  Perfection can be reached if you reach out far enough.  Just a little further….

Is this right for them to do this?  Is it right for a brand to co-opt the concept of life perfection and say that if you don’t buy their brand you have no chance of attaining it?

Am I being pedantic?  Am I splitting hairs?  Am I being anti-democratic?  Am I not giving consumers enough credit because it’s only an ad?

I just askin’ the question.  Is it right?


2 thoughts on “Good news – Your life can be perfect

  1. This one doesn’t rattle my cage too much, and I suspect that’s because the copy is weak.

    What is perfection? What does Bollinger have to do with perfection (other than pretty kaleidoscope patterns you can make with the bottle…or see when you’re sozzled on it)?

    Its too subtle to be offensive. I don’t feel inadequate after looking at this advert, or like Bollinger is any more desirable. If they had made a meaningful attempt at defining perfection I might feel a little more indignant…

  2. Lesley says:

    It’s neither right nor wrong. The statement is the statement, it’s how we respond to it that matters. Until push seriously comes to shove, I don’t do the right/wrong thing in my life in a general sense. After all, it’s only a judgement. I have preferences which I try and live by which aren’t intended to create black and white views.

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