Buckle Up and Hold onto Your Handbags

Since starting the course I can’t decide if I’m a pessimist, an optimist or a realist.  Or a optimistic realist or a pessimistic optimist.  Or any other combination.

However, what I do know that this TED talk by Paul Gilding is the best summary of what I think the future holds.  I think he’s a realist in clearly outlining the current situation and the strains on the natural system due to the economic system.  I think he’s right in saying that the system is starting to collapse – Occupy, temperature swings. inequality etc. are all interlinked.  And I think he’s right is speculating that nothing is really going to happen until the system really starts to collapse because we’ve known the science for 50 years and haven’t done anything about it yet.

When this happens fear will them set in.  We then have two options: a pessimistic and an optimistic one.  The question is ‘Which route will we decide to take?’



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