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To be an Economic Producing Unit or not to be an Economic Producing Unit










Not entirely sure what this is.  A rant?  A profound insight?  An unhinging from reality?  An act of anarchy?  Whatever it is, it only looks like a few paragraphs of writing to me…

The economic system we live in is an ‘operating system’ which we are a part of and is the ‘system’ by which the Western world works.  The system is created by government and business and we, as individuals, are players within that system.  Our role, as individuals, are as economic units which enable the economic system to function effectively.

At one level, we know and understand this.  We go to school to get an education help get a better job.  We want a career to be able to progress and have the opportunity to get a better job and earn more money.  We can earn more money to live in a nicer house and have more stuff.

We are willing participants within this system.  The system works, more or less, as there is an order to society with limited crime and everyone goes about their business.

However, think of us not as humans, but as economic producing units.  We are units which earn money to pay taxes.  The taxes are paid to make the system run smoothly.  That we can go to school to get an education to get a better job.  To get a career to be able to progress to earn more money to live in a nicer house and to have more stuff.  We also pay for hospitals to keep us in work and for the police to retain order so we can go to work.  We are alive to be economic producing units to earn money to pay taxes to keep the system running.

This is the same as the Matrix where we are alive not to be economic producing units to run the economic system, but to be electricity producing units to run the machines.  The analogy is strong.

This is not to say that the economic system is bad.  The economic system has many, many benefits in the UK –consumer choice, universal education and healthcare etc etc.

However, what is wrong is for us to believe that the economic system is the ONLY way to live.  Currently, we are unthinking in thinking that this is the right way to live.  We are part of a system, so systemic we don’t even see it.  It does not represent just one potential way of seeing and living in the world.  It represents the only way – it is not a system, it is reality.

Once you realize that the economic system represents only one possible reality, you can start to decide what life you want to lead.  You move from being an unthinking economic producing unit, to being a thinking human being.