Are we living in the Matrix? Perhaps.

The Matrix is a great film because it suggests that the reality you know, may not actually be reality.  As a result, it’s one of those all pervasive ideas which, for 2 hours or so, makes you think about the way things are and that they may not be what they seem.  But, that’s just fiction, right?  Well, maybe or maybe not.  You have to decide when you watch this:

The film (thanks Daniella) is about the way that money is created, the impact of American foreign policy and the influence of organisations like the World Bank.  This is all sounds fairly dull, but it tells a compelling version of events about the way that the world works which is subject to different influences that are not always apparent.  It’s not as naive as to suggest that it’s all a conspiracy theory, but it’s more subtle in describing the way that the system works and who it’s loaded to work for (mainly America, banks and big corporations).  You might not agree with all of it, but it’s difficult not to agree with some of it.

It’s about 2 hours long, but all the action happens in the first 50 mins.  And if that’s too long, check out the interview with the James Bond titled ‘Economic Hitman’ starting at 21.30.  Is he making all of that up?

One thought on “Are we living in the Matrix? Perhaps.

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