24 hours in 35 litres

Went camping with Donald at the weekend and stayed on the top of Cadair Idris in Wales.  The weather was clear and crisp and there was a frost on the tent in the morning.  As we were on the summit, we got to see the sun-set and then rise in the morning.  Nice.

It was pretty cold in the night but I was warm enough but only just as I was wearing everything that I bought with me so I feel I’d judged it pretty well.  This was because I’d written a list of everything I’d need and just packed that.  Carry too much and you don’t use it.  Carry too little and you’re going to wish you’d bought it.   I guess this is interesting because you can fit everything you need, for 24 hours, into a 35 litre rucksac.  Tent, sleeping bag, water, food, clothes, stove, fuel, ketchup.  You get it down because you have to carry it.

So, what would be the equivalent if you applied this to what you used at home?  It’s not like you have to carry it with you (we’re not snails), but could there be some sort of self-limiting amount, like camping, which ensures people really thought about what they actually need and didn’t have anything too superfluous.  It reminds me of luggage.  Before the days of bags with wheels, you had to physically be able to lift and carry what you took on holiday.  Now suitcases have wheels you’ve got gravity to do most of the work for you and so the bags get bigger.  Anyway, I posted about the ‘100 items’ previously, but it might be that there’s something in camping thing as well.  Not sure what though, yet.

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