Apply Pressure where you can have the greatest effect

MJ got me posted on Conservation Economy with this one:

I remember reading something about how best to use your time in relation to Climate Change.  It said that it’s more effective to lobby your MP than recycle your rubbish.  This is because if we all worked to change our MP’s minds which got them to change legislation, this is a far more productive way to tackle Climate Change than recycling bottles and tins of beans.

This kind of logic is exemplified perfectly in this TED talk by the impressive Jason Clay from the WWF.

He looks at the data and very quickly demonstrates that you can get an awful lot done by talking to just 100 companies who are responsible for a large minority of the world’s commodity markets which have the greatest environmental impact.

He talks about making sustainability a ‘pre-competitive issue’.  You do this by getting major commodity producers to produce/extract their commodities in a sustainable which will help drive an entire commodity market to be sustainable.  This means that consumers won’t have to choose between the sustainable and the non-sustainable option, because it will all be sustainable.

And it’s probably easier to convince 100 producers to ‘Supply Green’ than to convince 6 billion consumers to ‘Buy Green’.

Here it is on the site


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